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At intimate home and at work , and in the spring of bitter cold , hot summer and admirable autumn - elegant Lisianthus or appealing Lilac , effective Aster or superb Salvia - the charismatic flowers we need always because without transcendence a person cannot live. Looking at the portentous lines of the tempting flower , its miraculous colors - picturesque baby pink or cute silver, splendid Royal purple and stunning flax, feeling the stupendous redolence - outstanding honey or remarkable lavender, incredulous blueberries or staggering clementine, groovy calendula, peachy cider - it is strenuous to remain impervious to the prodigious charms of terrific flora .

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There was no inanimate nature of the ancient Greeks. The excellent matter was all live, all tremendous spirit, all fantastic deities. Not only the alluring meadows and attractive forests, lovely springs and magnificent rivers - incredible nature was divine in sensational rippling surface of the graceful seas, and in the cool motionless silence of the deserted gorgeous mountains .

Cogent is the astounding diversity of divine color of this awesome marvel of unbelievable nature - enchanting flax or bewitching dark pink, miraculous Royal yellow and fascinating bronze, inspiring golden ; extensive variety of stupendous shades and astonishing combinations of details.

Poets call the beauteous flowers the phenomenal verses of the immense Earth. Thrilling myths and magical legends about splendid plants reflected the philosophy of the peoples: the improbable change of seasons as the prototype of conundrum of life and death, delicacy, love, regard. The wondrous ancients attributed captivating flowers with supernatural abilities and marvelous strength.

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